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Super Mario Run comes to Android this week

Super Mario Run comes to Android this week

After three months exclusive Apple Super Mario Run on Android finally. The game will be launched on March 23, after a tweet from Nintendo on Friday.

Super Mario Run is an important part of Nintendo’s mobile strategy, and will benefit from that Nintendo. IOS players download the game 40 million times in the first four days. That being said, it was reported that only 5 percent of players paid $ 10, 8 £ 0r AU $ 15 to unlock the full version.

Bringing the game to Android will expose you to a much larger audience, but we have more to wonder if Nintendo waited too long for these players to board after the hype, ended.

Nintendo has revealed that version 2.0 will be available for gamer iOS the same day (this is the same version that comes on Android). A tweet from the Japanese account Mario Run provided a few characters in the new version, including the four different colored Yoshi. It’s unknown whether more levels will be added as well.

You can prepare for Super Mario Run download from Google Play Store. (This feature is available as of December)

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