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Is responsive design destroying your creativity?

Is responsive design destroying your creativity?


When we’re talking about designing web sites in 2017, we are really talking about Responsive Webdesign. In just six years, term “responsive” has become ubiquitous standard.

To web design is the process of designing a web application or the web, so its content According to the device correctly adjusts the perceived. Just a few years I am an excellent speech before the conference that Ethan Marcotte – who coined the term “design dominate response containing answers, sites more than Utah Tree Pando, a unique organization with a structure of roots are connected, Shows the terrain in different places, different contexts of different sizes, but they all have the same basic genetics.

And “certainly the assumption of responsive design that allows the growth of the mobile Web; Without it, the cost of mobile sites parallel to a desktop version would mean that many companies are stuck with them.

But react design is not without problems. By definition, respond designs that match the size of the display, not the contents. Variations container CSS media queries were based as a solution, but have so far only a post-it on the advice of someone.

The construction is essentially about the relationship between the elements, and these ratios are limited to a small screen. Also, because our profit margin semantically structured reports for mobile phones are often implemented on much larger windows.

One of the most criticized user interface decisions of last year, the increasing number of hamburger menus used on the desktop. However, little attention has been paid to shared content in a 12-column grid that is extending horizontal slides on the desktop.

Both responsive design kills creativity is probably unfair; That embraces diversity and innovation are the lifeblood of a design process. It also puts on a concept of fault when the distribution is at fault, it is certainly in the application. In fact, the lower flowers drawing closer restrictions often know a designer who adds his writings customer restrictions, because your work feels stronger when questioned.

Responsive design can easily be an idea that is more advanced in time than we think and when tools such as CSS variables and container query, implemented web design will be different again.

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