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Industrial Website Design

Industrial Website Design And Development Services

Specialized art form that ordinary web design companies don’t usually practice. Its generate sales and lead opportunities from buyers anywhere in the country or world when they are searching for a supplier.

Industrial website design is a specialized art form that ordinary web design companies don’t usually practice. If executed properly, a global website with compelling content and a rich user experience can engage prospects and generate sales and lead opportunities from buyers anywhere in the country or world when they are searching for a supplier. And, with search engine optimized architecture, your company website can enjoy the benefits of a robust web presence that achieves competitive organic ranking on search engines.

Designing a website for an industry oriented business is a specialized service that requires your designer have a keen eye at understanding the needs of your business. For example if you are a manufacturer, then your customers may be wholesalers and distributors more than a company that sells directly to consumers. The requirements for end user customers such as wholesalers means your website has to be built from the ground up with a set of functions that directly impact wholesalers’ ability to use your website efficiently and productively.

Industrial Websites Are Remarkably Different than Ordinary Consumer Focused Websites.

The reasons for their uniqueness are varied:

  • The target audience is different than regular consumers
  • The web copy will usually be more focused and industry specific
  • The goal of the website may be more informational or reputational than actually transaction (lead or sale) driven
  • The technology demands are far from ordinary for items like product configurations
  • Pages may actually be intended to be hidden from search engines
  • The website users may have different needs depending on their job requirements
  • User privileges may determine which areas of the website they have access to
  • The industrial buying process involves different key personnel with varied roles

Technology Factors to Consider in your Industrial Website

  • Product configurations
  • Database applications and custom programming scripts
  • Part number builders with SKU’s and SubSKU’s
  • eCatalog capability as part of a larger ecommerce solution
  • Downloadable PDF files, videos, searchable online catalogs or micro websites

Understand Who Your Users are To Get the Most out of Your Website

  • Your user might be a plant manager, purchasing agent, or a company executive.
  • These people have different needs in terms of type, depth and specificity of information on your business.

Does Your Business Require Website Localization?”

Foreign Language Content is a necessity if you market your products and services in the global marketplace. We work with top translators to provide multiple language sites. We can translate entire sites (with different looking templates) or create simple landing pages that can be linked from any web page. As we learn about your business to create a custom solution that meets the needs of your business it becomes easier to convey your branding messages in multiple languages.

Our Industrial Website Design Features.

  • Custom web site design that matches your branding materials
  • User-focused website design to maximize leads and sales conversions
  • Easy to use site navigation options including dynamic drop down menus
  • Search engine friendly web pages with keyword rich URL’s and directories
  • Optional search engine optimization services for the extra boost
  • Help with finding and acquiring the appropriate images for your website
  • Professional copywriting and document editing
  • Digital document and digital media asset library capability for multiple file types
  • Sort able and searchable library of CADs, product videos, PowerPoint and PDF’s
  • Scalable architecture and GUI developed for expansion possibilities
  • Integrated database & database design solutions
  • Secure login with forgot password reminder via email
  • Browser-based website administration area for web publishing/editing
  • eCatalog and shopping cart capability with multiple gateways and couponing
  • Content management systems functionality including news, events and articles
  • Tracking of visitors and integrated reporting tools for statistical analysis
  • Full service video hosting and streaming
  • Shared, virtual, cloud and dedicated hosting solutions for your specific needs

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