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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Every time you talk about the future of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is always on the agenda. But now I think it’s really justified. I think it is actually justified. A lot of advances have been made in the field of AI in the last year.

AlphaGo, a program built by Google DeepMind,became the first program to beat a professional Go player.

Some of the largest technology companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook have released AI technology from the public for use. Artificial intelligence is already being used by large applications, both search engines like Google, both in the case of Wikipedia articles to improve inaccurately or damaged.

With easier access to the necessary AI development, we can expect developers to start using AI in new and different ways in the new year.

One example is the creation of a website provided by AI. For example, if you are on the web, the web designer Molly AI will ask you questions about branding, colors, design and content, and then, based on pre-programmed algorithms, automatically create an aesthetic site for you. You can ask Molly to ask the page as often as you want until you receive it.

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